Drug Abuse—Introduction, Symptoms And Prevention

Describing Drug Abuse

The drug abuse in the simplest words is the use of drugs or other prohibited chemicals which can harm the health of the user. The drug abuse is also referred as a process in which the drug abuser or addict attempts to use illegal ways for getting money in order to fulfill the desire for drug addiction. The drug abuse can lead to numerous types of social evils which includes emotional, psychological as physical harm to others. The commonly used things which come under the drug may include the following drugs:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol mixed with Benadryl
  • Hashish
  • Marijuana
  • The narcotic painkillers including morphine and codeine.
  • Stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine
  • The club drugs including the Rohypnol, MDA and Ecstasy

Drug Abuse & Addiction Definition, Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

The Common Signs And Symptoms Of The Drug Or Drug Abuse

How to stage an intervention for mental illness? Commonly the adults may undergo some severe behavioral changes when starting abusing drugs or drugs. Currently the society has been witnessing the teen drug abuse. Various signs and symptoms can be noticed for indicating the drug or drug abuse among the adults and teens. Following mentioned are some common symptoms or signs of drug abuse:

  • The major behavioral changes, i.e. how the individuals interacts with the family, increased anger and tendency to hide the drugs or other related stuff from family members.
  • Poor energy level is also witnessed.
  • A drastic change in the physical appearance and personality can be noticed in the individuals.
  • There will always be a change in the need or requirement for cash. The drug abuser will always require more money than normal routine in order to fulfill the drug addiction.

All these are the common symptoms, which can be noticed by the other family member. In case of presence of these signs, drug test sessions can be arranged for indicating the drug or drug abuse on initial stages.

Concluding Remarks

A society free from drugs and alcohol is vital for reinforcing ethical and moral values among citizens. States too need to launch drug testing and screening on a larger scale to limit the number of drug addicts that is increasing rapidly with each passing day. The screenings and testing must be made vital at the time of admission to a college or university and job candidates too must undergo the drug screening process so that workplaces and educational institutes can be made drug free.