How Did Emma Watson’s Hair Chop Make Its Debut?

How Did Emma Watson’s Hair Chop Make Its Debut?

Emma Watson’s pixie cut has finally made its red carpet debut.

Emma wore the crop on October 13 to the Prada Paradoxe Fragrance Launch Party in London. Her short hair was combed to the side, while the rest was messy. She wore black hoop earrings, cat-eye eyeshadow, a warm pink blush, and lipstick that went with her hairstyle.

Emma appropriately chose an outfit that was inspired by a smart uniform. She made red carpet layering fashionable just in time for fall. She accessorized with a jacket, a mesh-overlay button-down dress, a sparkling handbag, and Mary Jane heels with crew socks. (The modern Hermione Granger would give this outfit the thumbs up.)

If you remember, Emma’s pixie cut first appeared in August, when Prada Beauty showed off their new campaign with the actor and activist. Emma highlighted her fresh crop with micro bangs while sporting a matching cat-eye and big earrings in the photos. Her appearance soon sparked comparisons to her appearance from 2010. (Emma’s initial pixie cut made its debut after she finished the Harry Potter series, making it even as well-known.)

Fans naturally felt a sense of déjà vu when they saw Emma’s retro hairstyle over the summer. Still, it’s not the first time she’s rocked a look that was a total homage to Y2K beauty on the red carpet. Emma’s BAFTA 2022 outfit was also a pure homage to Y2K beauty.

Back to the chop, though. If the appearance has been seen previously, why are we talking about a “debut”? This is where things are getting a little murky because Emma appeared on the red carpet in September with her hair bunned.

The use of magic, or, you know, hair extensions, must be involved in this. It shows that Emma Watson is always a great source of hairstyle ideas, whether she has long hair or a fabulous pixie cut.

Emma Watson Channels Princess Belle With New Hair | BEAUTY/crew

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