How Often Should You Use Gua Sha?

Are you looking to enhance your skincare routine with something more natural? Have you heard about the wonders of gua sha and are curious about how often you should use them for the best results? Gua sha is a centuries-old technique used for health healing in traditional Chinese medicine.

This ancient practice is becoming increasingly popular amongst beauty enthusiasts today because of its vast beauty benefits ranging from increased collagen production for youthful skin and improved circulation for a glowing complexion to a reduction of puffiness and wrinkles. This article will discuss what gua sha is and provide critical tips on how often one can use it safely.

What Is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. The technique involves repeatedly pressing and scraping the skin with a specialised tool known as a gua sha, usually made of jade or other smooth stones. When performed correctly, this massage-like technique increases circulation, enhances the body’s natural healing abilities, and can even help with headaches and muscle tension.

Gua sha sessions are often accompanied by acupressure on specific points throughout the body to stimulate energy-restoring processes and promote relaxation. Its powerful impact has caught on in Western health practices and already has devoted practitioners among celebrities, athletes, models, and yogis worldwide.

What Are Its Benefits?

Gua sha is incredibly beneficial both on a physical and emotional level. It can help reduce inflammation, improve skin texture, boost cell renewal, and increase collagen production. Additionally, it promotes muscle relaxation and improved circulation and relieves tension headaches or migraines. Regular gua sha sessions offer an excellent opportunity to de-stress, clear your mind, and relax after a long day.

On an emotional level, this technique helps to release buried emotions that may be causing blockages in our body’s energy system. Gua sha can also help reduce anxiety levels by providing a sense of calmness and grounding.

Finally, it has been proven effective in reducing dullness, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness around the eye area.

How Often Should You Use Gua Sha?

Gua sha should be done at most once a week. It is vital to give your skin some time to recover and regenerate between treatments; otherwise, it can cause discomfort or even minor bruises (known as ‘sha’ marks).

It is also recommended that you start with gentle movements and short sessions. Listen to your body; if something feels too intense, take a break for a few minutes before continuing. As your body gets used to gua sha, you can gradually increase the intensity of the massage-like strokes as well as the length of the session.

For best results, always use high-quality jade or other smooth stones, avoid applying too much pressure on sensitive areas, and keep your skin hydrated before, during and after the treatment.

Why Is It Essential To Use Gua Sha Properly?

Gua sha is a powerful healing technique, and it is vital to use it safely and correctly. It’s best to perform the treatment under the guidance of an experienced practitioner, as they can show you how to perform each movement correctly to maximise its benefits.

Additionally, excessive pressure or using the treatment too frequently can cause skin damage, such as bruising or broken capillaries. Therefore, you must respect your body’s natural rhythm and limit gua sha sessions to once per week.

Tips For Proper Gua Sha Use

Here are some critical tips on how to practice gua sha safely:

The main tip to remember is always to perform the treatment gently and never force it. Before you start, ensure that your skin is adequately hydrated by applying a bit of facial oil or moisturiser. Additionally, use a quality tool such as jade or other smooth stones, which is essential for achieving the desired results.

Also, when using gua sha tools, use smooth stones such as jade, only press lightly, and never apply too much pressure on sensitive areas. Finally, avoid using harsh strokes and stop if something feels painful.

Risks Of Using Gua Sha

When appropriately used, gua sha has many benefits for the body and skin. However, improper use of this technique can cause skin damage, such as bruises or broken capillaries. After the treatment, it is possible to experience some redness, which should subside in a few hours.

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To reduce the chances of potential complications, it is crucial to perform gua sha sparingly and never apply excessive force when using gua sha tools. Always use high-quality, smooth stones, press lightly, and listen to your body when performing the treatment.


Overall, gua sha is an incredibly beneficial practice that can help improve physical and emotional well-being. However, it’s important to respect its power and use it properly to maximise its healing benefits without causing unnecessary damage or discomfort. Following these simple tips, you can make the most of your gua sha sessions and reap their unique benefits.